Interpublic is an integrated advertising agency Founded in 2002, We use all our expertise, enthusiasm and skills to help companies exceed their goals for sales growth and brand expansion. Our objective is to do so with great care and for the client, for each other, and for our profession. We want to create exceptional work that sells in every sense.

Interpublic is committed to your success with special attention to your bottom line. We also believe in our ability to create that success for you, by making your business our business. We believe to be truly your marketing partners, making your dreams and vision our own. We are your means to your goals a reality.

Ultimately, what matters, what is really rewarding, is work that helps a brand achieve what hasn't been done before.

Our Vision

To be the most reliable ad agency in the world, expanding globally and supporting clients to reach out and tap International markets, by maintaining customer satisfaction & loyalty as priority.

Our Mission

To grow your business through superior creativity