'Social media provides brands a longer lasting forum'

We are a creative Advertising Agency located in UAE.

To provide outstanding advertising with integrated activities.

We are committed to your success with special attention to your bottom line. We also believe in our ability to create that success for you, by making your business our business. We believe to be truly your marketing partners, making your dreams and vision our own. We are your means to your goals & reality.

Interpublic Advertising Agency

Interpublic Advertising is an Agency witch provides all sorts of ,communication services like Creative Design,Branding,Corporate Identity,Web technology & Digital Media,PR and Marketing and Event Management.

Give your resume an interesting twist

While designing your creative CV, do keep certain points in mind. Creative CVs may not be appropriate for all companies, job profiles or industries. For example, a creative CV would be more appropriate for a job in advertising or media than in the banking and financial servicessector. Make sure that being unconventional is acceptable in the field you are applying.

Ensure that the content of your CV is the most important thing—do not sacrifice content for the sake of design. A creative CV may attract attention, but it is the content in it that will get you that interview call—and ultimately, the job. Try not to go overboard in the name of creativity. Being bold is one thing, but being over-the-top or overly flashy will not help your cause. Remember, certain professional standards must be maintained. Finally, be practical—a three dimensional CV may be interesting, but will the company store or file it?

Take some time to review your CV and examine whether you can add an element of creativity. Dare to be different, and the rest will fall into place.